"The Wise Gardener!"
The Sensual Pulse of the Tropics!

Your Own Cucina Can Easily Be Your Family's Own Cantina Mexicana!

By Paul, The Wise Gardener!

Entering the portals of Paul, The Wise Gardener, one is struck by two things: the interior is extremely spacious (although the home is just under a modest 3300 sq. ft.!) and colour, bright primary colour "pops" almost everywhere.

In no room is this more apparent than in the cucina: the kitchen!  The colour background is purposefully "adobe white" so that the walls are neutral enough to support the accessories'/appliances'/cooking tools' bold, red hot colour palette.  As the assemblage comes together; you can tell how well the colour plays off the stark white knockdown finished backdrop,

I hope that studying the photos that are keynoted in this article give you a "feel" for colour mixing, and perhaps allow you to abandon interior design "pigmentary timidity!"  Think of bright & streaming SW USA/Mexican summer sun.  Think of chilies drying on ristras fashioned of jute in the brightest of reds, greens, yellows & oranges.

Then, imagine these bold pigments juxtaposed against, or teemed with bright blues (a Mexican mainstay "never fail" colour!)  What you get is an effective soothing "cooling" of the tropical heat we created with our warm colour palette!

Use these few photos as a guide to recreate a Mexican cantina "feel" in YOUR cucina!  You cannot go wrong if you skip the pastels and the monochromatic colour schemes for the authentic looks of the "South of the Border" states of: Yucatan, Vera Cruz, Sinaloa or Sonora! 

Let your paintbrush, AND your eyes allow you to fashion a warm "summerlike" haven from a dreary, unrelentingly cloudy, drizzly or snowy day.  Then after you've redone your home's hearth; don't even look out the windows, at least, not until the spring re-greening is well underway, my amigos!

It will always brighten your spirits, in this cucina of the sun...wherever you call home!   Adios, TWG friends & family!  May your conventional kitchen become a replica of a favourite cantina you visited in Cancun, Vera Cruz, or even Scottsdale!

Paul, Your Wise Designer!