"The Wise Gardener!"
The Sensual Pulse of the Tropics!

Feeling a bit "bored" during the season of summer heat, gardening friends? Well, look to:
Tropical Rhizomes and Bulbs for Flaming Hot Colour All Warm Season Long!!!
They SIZZLE with a rainbow of TORRID HUES!!

bananaflower.jpg (13394 bytes)gingers2.jpg (47160 bytes)When the "doldrums" of heat and humidity make you wilt, and your garden seem, well, boring; turn up the heat!! "Crazy", you say! The Wise Gardener says, "Yes!" Do it with rhizomes & tubers from the rainforests of the Amazon, India, and SE Asia!

Gingers, calatheas, and heliconias feature wildly vivid flower bracts, in high-volume primary colours, as seen in these photographs brought to us courtesy of our favourite "tropicals" purveyor: Hawaii's Aloha Gardens!!

These tropical flowers grow among lush banana-like foliage (of which they are related), and grow more abundant each successive summer. The clumps readily spread through the garden underground distributing runners, (and "pups") into ever larger, lusher beds of exotic colour and texture!!

They are "invasive" but who cares, as any of your friends will be more than happy to "relieve you" of a bunch of ginger, heliconia, and/or calathea "pups"!!

yellow_butterfly.jpg (23914 bytes)Their care is quite simple: frequent watering, (daily for the first month after planting!); ample sun, (but morning sun is preferable), and enriched growing medium, (peat moss, composted materials, and manures are great!!) Their first year, blooms will probably be sparse, but that first year, most of the "work" is going on UNDERGROUND! By year #2, your diligence in establishing your tropical tubers and rhizomes, will pay off in summer colours, a thrill to behold, and these tropical treasures will be certain to provide literally armloads of flowers for your living room, dining room, every bedroom and bath, too! ENJOY, the warm season, my gardening friends!

Aloha, Friends!!!!

Paul,"The Wise Gardener!"