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Tropic Consulting Services
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Paul, "The Wise Gardener!"Paul T. Nawrocki, a/k/a "Paul, The Wise Gardener," provides consulting services in many areas related to tropical horticulture.  Please click on the keywords to learn more about each of these specialised services.
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e-mail me @: paul@thewisegardener.comGreen_Palm

Planning outdoor public spaces utilising tropical plants for either outdoor year-round or seasonal usage, depending on climate zones.

Tropical Interiorscaping Recommendations

Planning indoor public spaces for conservatories or commercial buildingsGreen_Palm

Speaking engagements with Gardening Groups worldwide!

Multi-media:    Radio   -    Print    -   Television

Hosting garden tours

Photographic gallery and identification of tropical plants
Tropical plant maintenance guidelines

For any Additional Services you might think of, please contact me directly at: paul@thewisegardener.com