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weatherlogo.gif (10186 bytes)USDA  Growing Zones 9 & 10 living & gardening!!  'Tis highlighted by the wonderment of experiencing exotic fan & feather-fronded Palms, an extensive array of spiny Cactus & dagger-edged Agaves, and a myriad of lush tropical foliage & flowers!

You are, afterall, enjoying the same plants that dinosaurs walked among, through & beneath!  These plants should amaze anyone who has a sense of awe for life that continues to survive in areas of the world that are as warm & moist, as was commonplace millions of years ago.  Living fossils!  What a privilege to see them everyday and intimately; close enough to touch & admire their beauty, and realise that your views are shared by relatively few of your human contemporaries!

Ahh, the tropics: here, too, are all also those hypnotic & enchanting flavours, bursting forth from an abundance of some heretofore, unfamiliar-looking tropical fruits, vegetables, herbs & spices;  what an array from which to choose!

And that unique, incredibly vigourous year-around garden environment which beckons for decoration, to enhance that signature tropical feel in & around your home featuring lush greenery, intensely streaming sunlight, primary colours, & warm, moist, balmy breezes everywhere!

'Tis with this concept in mind, that I have envisaged:


At TWG,  gardening friends,  I shall share with you, my over 30 years of gardening experiences, and individual plant-by-plant husbandry joys, right here in the exotic tropics! 

TWG is not  just a gardening address; however, we are also your passport to another "state-of-mind!"  You've come home to where 'tis forever Sunny & Warm...no matter where you live!!   Forever wearing shirtsleeves & Bermuda shorts, sipping a cool libation!  You've come home...to your very own tropical islandPaul, "Your Wise Gardener!" paradise: TWG!                                                  

Paul, "The Wise Gardener!"                                                    

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Won't you come along with me & share the wonder of garden discoveries, knowledge and ideas with TWG! .  Let's all learn together and above all, folks, let's have some good old-fashioned, "dirt-under-the-nails" FUN!   For gardeners, regardless of climate or environment, some things always should always remain the same!   We're all made healthier through gardening, so we really do live longer & better!!

Stay as long as you like, but before your leave please sign Our Guestbook, and come back often, as thewisegardener.com will be "growing" and evolving each month.  Paul hopes that you will enjoy TWG as much as he enjoys bringing the site to you!Orchid
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