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delphinium colour bowl!The American Rose Society promotes the growing and enjoyment of roses; the Queen of Flowers! Visit them for horticultural advise and suggestions.

For those of you, "North of the Border", visit the Canadian Rose Society. Believe us, Canadians know how to grow their roses!

Magnolias embody all the delicacy, simply and perfection that IS floral beauty. Learn more about this lovely & timeless flower/tree from The Magnolia Society!

Great information on growing delicious sub-tropical fruits, in your yard, can be obtained by visiting The California Rare Fruit Growers' web-site linking right here!

California Protea Society offers information on this wonderfully exotic flower family! Visit them for a true treat, indeed! Also be sure to visit South African Fynbos & Proteas! and Cape Flora Producers & Exporters, also of South Africa!

For those of you into things that grow on the warmer sides of either Equatorial Zones, information on Palms, Aroids, Bromeliads, Hibiscus or Orchids can be found on their home sites by visiting the International Palm Society, the Bromeliad Society, the Cactus Society, the American Aroid Society, the Cordyline Society, the American Hibiscus Society, or the American Orchid Society web pages. All of them will fulfill your dreams of star-filled tropic nights, exotic, brilliantly coloured blooms and lush foliage!

If you are "new" to the tropics, and would enjoy knowing more about the myriad of unfamiliar, exotic flowering trees that are in your neighbourhood, and environs, click on the Link of The Tropical Flowering Tree Society, based in Miami, Florida for extensive floral identification & growing information!

Enjoy trying your hand at growing...and eating fabulous tropical fruits from Florida & The Caribbean! Read about them right here, in the excellent revised Fla. Dept of Agriculture's very comprehensive tropical fruits informational link!

Learn about plant origins from The American Botanical Society! This is a great web-site, AND a great place to begin any plant search!

For our Canadian Gardeners, specific information on your garden needs can be found by visiting: Canadian Gardening Online! Enjoy growing things best suited for Canada's varied climate zones!

For more information on growing lower desert-oriented plants, you're sure to enjoy visiting Arizona's Valley of the Sun: East Valley Gardener's Club link!!

To learn more about HELPING TO SAVE OUR PRECIOUS Rainforests in the World's Tropical Regions, VISIT The Rainforest Alliance!! This IS important, folks!

To feel that peaceful zen, experience Bonsai or the cultural refinement afforded by growing Gloxinias or African Violets by clicking on the Web-sites of the American Bonsai Society. the American Gloxinia & Gesneriad Society, or the American Bamboo Society.



North of the Mason-Dixon line, please click on The American Iris Society's Website for those glorious springs blooms. In addition to irises, enjoy bulbs and daylilies by visiting either the International Bulb Society or the American Daylily Society web pages.

For something off-beat, get the "dirt" or should we say mulch by visiting the Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association.

Hummingbirds are a true garden "joy", to learn more about these diminutive flying wonders of nature, click on Hummingbirds.net!!