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Bienvenue âu Ville de Québéc, mes amis!
(Welcome to Quebec City, my friends!)

Quebec City, Province de Quebec, CanadaFun-loving Quebec at Halloween, in Full RegaliaIf you are ready to celebrate the season's change, Quebec is the place! The Old World culture here is straight out of France.  This city is, after all, the capital of French Canada! 

Quebec is a city of almost one million, and although it is within a dominantly French-speaking province, English is almost universally understood. 

As this is a UNESCO World Heritage site, visitors from all over the world are frequently present, enjoying, often awe-struck, the many historic buildings and battlefields.  Quebec City has been a destination for the world's visitors for four centuries, so its citizens definitely know how to make their holiday guests "feel right at home!"

The weather can be incredibly changeable, but the days from mid May through late September are almost always ideal!  Even winter, with its numbing cold, and snow bring out thousands of tourists for a skiing and/or ice skating holiday!  What the heck, all of Quebec's wonderful French-style hotels have romantic fireplaces anyway, so there's always a place to get warmed up, after "braving" the cold & snow!  So don't let "old man winter" deter you; 'tis still great!   Quebec's "Winter Carnival" reminds visitors that here, winter is embraced and enjoyed, not hidden from.  The ice sculptures are a sight to behold and there is even a luxury ice hotel, that disappears by Easter (by this time, it has melted down, and is only a memory, to be "rebuilt" again, next December!

Not to be taken lightly is the food!  Some of North America's finest European-trained chefs call Quebec City their artists' "palette", so you're likely to have some of the best meals that you have ever eaten, right in Quebec!  Emphasis in desserts, is on locally-grown produce, like Quebec's own raspberries & blueberries, skillfully prepared into many inspired and uniquely delicious confectionery delights!  You'll never get enough, I guarantee!   The main courses are generally beef or pork, and are hearty enough to well-satisfy even the most discriminating palate, (those cold winters call for "rich", calorie-laden meals, you know!)

Olde City looking towards the St. Lawrence RiverBienvenue au Ville de Quebec!The scenery of this area is gorgeous all four seasons.   Each season has its own appeal, so there's something for everyone!  Quebec City is situated at the portion of the St. Lawrence River, where it widens substantially, before heading into the Atlantic Ocean.  It very much reminds me of a bay, as it is surrounded by mountains, and is several miles wide at various points!  The metropolitan area is largely hilly to mountainous, and is punctuated "right down the middle" by the magnificent crystal blue waters of: Fleuve Ste. Laurent!  (The St. Lawrence River)  The river is quite beautiful near Quebec and get rather wide here.  The St. Lawrence River is an integral part of the beauty of this lovely environment.  You will feel its influence here immediately!

Join the millions of visitors that discover, and often feel the call to revisit, this European-flavoured "jewel" of a North American City: Quebec!  You'll know, during and long after your holiday, that you have indeed experienced one of the true treasures of our world!  Enjoy Quebec; revel in its history, traditions, and beauty!  A visit to Quebec city is like a trip to France, but without the expense & travel time, and you can drive to this old city by car. 

Not a bad way to see a place so thoroughly European in architecture and charm, but still be very close to home!  A Canada advertising slogan from the late 90's communicates a visit to Quebec city very well: "friendly, foreign, familiar...and near!"  That sounds like a very accurate description to me!


Paul, "The Wise Gardener!"

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Where's Quebec City, PQ?

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