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"The Wise Gardener!"
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Savour Paul,"The Wise Gardener's!"
Very Private Homepage!!! (Shhhsh!)

Here is the guy behind the thoughts, passions, and the computer, Paul! I love writing and designing this web magazine all by myself! It is the work of a true individual!! Read more about my Horticultural Qualifications, on my Biography Page, too! I hope you are enjoying your visit to! I would love to tell you just a bit about me. I am an environmentalist & lifelong gardener. I live with the philosophy that the best legacy I can leave the world, to mark my existence, is land that has been faithfully and carefully tended so that it is in better condition, than when I first began to husband it. I strongly believe in this "never finished" goal! I believe that our soul is immortal and that our bodies allow for human interaction and experiences, for that soul. Part of the "life experience" can be intimate and limerantly sensual/sexual (not always to only one true love, but sexual and highly spiritual ONLY with your true loves!!) Sexual gifts are blessed (in the heart), and not to be given freely, and "as part of the reward for spending $100.00 a date; (where did we ever get THAT idea from anyway?)

I put before you the following verse, friends:

"A friend you are first!" (Author Unknown)

A friend you are first!
before all else
before my heart is given
before I may expect your love in return
A friend you are first
For I want to give my heart
not just for a day
not just for "play"
not just for pleasure's moments
but for a lifetime
For all my loves
in their sweet differences
and different embraces
and different kisses
and different caresses
and different ways of touching me with joy
inside me, and outside as well
I give of my heart
and to give so much that is precious
it must be, for it to be the most wondrous
joining that we may become
...a friend you are first.--

I am a a newly turned 45+ Y.O. (uh, oh! old?), but have attained wisdom that, in my opinion, could ONLY have come from living on this earth through numerous and varied reincarnations. I have knowledge about things, and affinities for people, places, and things that, I believe, indicates that they were parts of my past lives. This belief also makes me care more for my environment, than if I only thought that I'd be "using" the earth for 40 or 50 more years!

As a so-called Metrosexual man, my polyamourous predisposition is, I feel, consistant with my past life experiences. I believe that we have all likely been men AND women; gay and heterosexual (and all ranges in-between!). Our masculine and feminine sides are all embedded within us, and they can be readily cultivated! My sexuality I celebrate, as I am proud to be a man without stereotypical characteristics!

My ambiguities and eccentricities do NOT rule me at all, and my friends are of many beliefs, orientations, and ideologies! We are truly & fully: "live and let live" people!

It is only through fear of predjudice and ridicule, that so many of us supress those other personalities and sexual proclivities! This supression, in my experience, usually causes discomfort and mental uncertainty, anyway. Unfortunately, Western societies, and religions discourage "experimentation", and that is why people tend to live such guilt-ridden lives, in the "closet!" I say, "open the closet doors," and let the sun shine in!


I am a very happy, well-rounded, and successful human, in a quite mentally-healthy AND satisfying synergistic 6 year relationship with Chef Brad, of Olde Time Cooking, and we share MANY plans for our future together, and many plans that will enhance the quality of life for generations to come. We love extending our family to all those that believe in freely giving of themselves without regard to the "return on their investment!" We are here but a short time...and are free to BE! Planting one flower seed, or one tree, and watching them thrive and prosper makes it so clear to me, what I will do till I die...I will make my world a far greener and healthier place to enjoy! Give gardening a try, friends; it's truly a blessed avocation, I believe!

I Love My Life...and I Love My Planet!!