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is very pleased to present its recurring HIBISCUS feature:

Hybrid Hibiscus Varieties for the Year!!

The positive feedback and interest level for Chef Brad's article, entitled: "Hibiscus, Flower of the Tropics", has been so overwhelming, that we at TWG, have decided to expand our scope of coverage of hibiscus!  The unquenchable thirst for knowledge about tropical hibiscus is always apparent, from Hawaii to Australia... and everywhere in between, where tropical flowers are grown and admired!  Hibiscus are worth the considerable efforts taken to ensure their flourishing and heavy floral production, in "The Wise Gardener's" opinion!  The rewards for their care are in the form of unparalleled exotic beauty.  Please enjoy this Quarterly photographic essay, as TWG introduces its readers to beautiful hybrid hibiscus varieties several times a year!  Our photos are courtesy of the American Hibiscus Society.  We owe them the limitless debt of gratitude for making our world more tropically exotic and enchanting! Thank you, dear TWG readers!...Please enjoy the beauty of these hibiscus flowers!

Paul,"The Wise Gardener!"

2013 Edition:

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Click on these Thumbnailed Hibiscus Photographs ABOVE, to really get the "Colourful Flavour" of their classically exotic auras!