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Welcome to: Nassau, Bahamas'
Ardastra Gardens & Conservation Centre!

Ardast1.gif (30756 bytes)Paul_with_flamingoes.gif (23920 bytes)Our summer visit to the Caribbean Region's Ardastra Tropical Gardens & Conservation Centre was an absolute delight!  These 5 acres of gardens: (5 acres is big in the Bahamas, relatively speaking!), are intimate, and are especially well-laid out to encourage close interaction with Ardastra's focal main attractions: its tropical plants & its wonderfully friendly animals. 

Adults & children, alike find Ardastra constantly fascinating, never intimidating, or too "Disney World-esque", as with the Orlando, FL area's tourist mecca superparks' often unfortunately, too sterile-"thematic" artificiality!  No, there's not that kind of an atmosphere, here at Ardastra Tropical Gardens & Conservation Centre, in Nassau!!  Here, instead, surprises awaited you at every turn, it seemed! 

Macaws & parrots all seemed that they had known you for years.  And those flamingoes!  I had never seen a flamingo show like this before!  Here at Ardastra, the flamingoes march, yes, I said, MARCH to the capable direction of their "drill sergeant!"  I was truly amazed by the sight of one hundred coral-pink Caribbean Flamingoes in absolute precision & unison drill formation, as they were commanded to turn right...turn left...bow...and pose!   I'll never forget this world-famous Flamingo "Review"!

Ardastra is more that a wonderful entertainment centre, however!  No, it is also a place to see Nassau, which like its neighbour to the West: Florida, has seen its share of "nature" sadly be removed tree by tree, as developers eagerly sub-divide it for resort after resort, and gatedArdast8.gif (33044 bytes) community, after gated community!! 

Ardast11.gif (31270 bytes)Ardastra is a true Conservation Centre, right in the heart of New Providence Island!  It is a place of beauty with Zone 11 plants growing quite fabulously, be they: Ackee fruits, Breadfruit, Queen's Crape Myrtle, and many rare palms of diverse origins!  To see Ardastra, is to see the Caribbean environment "unspoiled" and STILL defiantly,  untouched by "typical" runaway "modern" commercial & residential developments!  

Ardastra Gardens & Conservation Centre is a treasure that REQUIRES preservation...and support by your patronage!  Your patronage will be rewarded 10-fold by Ardastra's unique beauty!  


Come, see for yourself, friends!...And ENJOY!!

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