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This Is The Place!   I Am Your Special Island...You've Found A Tropic Paradise @ thewisegardener.com!
Enjoy Paul, The Wise Gardener's colourful armchair cyber-journeys  to many fascinating tropical regions of the world where you will experience a myriad of exotic floral & foliar genera like both fan and feather-fronded palms, fiercely barbed barrel or angular-form columnar cacti, and the symmetrical dagger-like rosettes of agaves; resplendent varieties of magnificently rainbow-hued flowering trees piercing the seriously sun-drenched lapis sky; lush vines like allamandas, various aroids and bougainvilleas; a multitude of lavishly-hued warm climate rhizomes and bulbs, such as dazzling "lobster-claw" heliconias and scented gingers; and a whole host of dramatic, tropically-fecund, wonderfully embolden-leaved bananas!   What a treat for all our human, "exploratory" senses! 

Remember that the tropics, too, are a vivid "state-of-mind" and embody distinctly hyper-sensual lifestyles; one where the sunshine is seemingly and streamingly endless; bodies are often well-oiled, tanned, rippling with muscles and seem to crave being unclothed and unfettered!   Here, the scent of flowers is sometimes almost overpowering in its fragrant intensity; balmy breezes are moist and intoxicating, and nature's vibrant primary colours abound, at every turn!  It is with this concept from the minds' intricately kaleidoscopic eye that I have envisaged: thewisegardener.com.

You might find TWG a bit "quirky" for a so-called "gardening" type web site than is typical.  Perhaps it is so, but the tropics & its residents more often than not, tend to defy simple categorisations.  One cannot visit any "tropical paradise" environment without noticing that its plants and flowers aren't the only things unusual; its people are definitely not like "back home!"  And that is still another wonderful aspect of a visit to the tropics!   So, indeed, consistent with that prismatically colourful aspect, TWG  boldly offers glimpses into the complexities of one tropical resident's particularly unique and creative mind: your own intrepid host and author's:
Paul, The Wise Gardener

Expect, then, a montage featuring a colourfully rich tapestry of botanical,  horticultural, and environmental "spotlighted" articles, plus an extensive array of informational articles & links celebrating great food & drink, avant garde interior decorating trends, non-mainstream yet urbane Metro-sexual lifestyles, warm climate travel adventures, and regional geopolitical web sites consistent with the typically rich "textural amalgam" of the tropics.  It's ALL here!

After you get used to this varied mix of focus, you'll undoubtedly find everything here is quite eccentrically "normal" and hopefully, an enjoyable and regularly welcomed interlude within your busy and often stressful day!  So, leave the ordinary behind, and come along with me via this cyber-portal, as a I take you on a cornucopia of enchanting and exhilarating virtual excursions to fabled, mysterious lands that quicken one's pulse with awesome beauty and sensory delights!  Together, we will envelop ourselves in the riotous Technicolour tropical lushness that seems to drape itself everywhere!  It is the very essence of life itself; life in its most celebratory forms!

A promise to you: thewisegardener.com will always endeavour to work harder than any other web address or print gardening/travel book to "take you to the tropics."  Period!  We know that you'll "feel" the TWG  difference!

I will proudly share my 30 plus years of tropical gardening knowledge and "tropic passion" with each of you, on our tours!  Whether you are fortunate enough to husband a tropical garden of your own, long for one someday, or just enjoy reading about various tropic subjects, through the virtual transport of TWG  you will experience nature's vividly hued pageantry as if we were exploring these wonders side-by-side!  

Let us now commence our timeless journeys into the favoured climes we call "the tropics"!  These voyages will be both entertaining and sensual!   Please remember, cyber-mates, wherever you might call home,

is very much:
Always...Your Sensual Pulse Of The Tropics!  

"The old Lakota Sioux Native American aboriginal was exceedingly wise.   He knew that man's heart, if taken away from nature, becomes hard & cold;  he knew that the lack of respect for growing, living things soon led to a lack of respect for fellow humans, too."   Luther Standing Bear 


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